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Fall is finally here! For most people, that means the return to classes, or balancing work and student schedules, but for me it signals the start of conference season. I’m very excited to announce three upcoming speaking events. Hope you’ll check them out!

Tuesday October 7, 5:30-6:30 – CV to Resume Webinar from The SearchLite
One of my favourite topics! This free webinar is being offered by The SearchLite, an amazing group based out of Michigan that hosts a fantastic Innovator in Residence (IIR) program for PhDs and postdoctoral fellows to gain real industry experience, from wherever you are in the world. For registration and more details, see

Saturday October 18, 9-5 – “Branding You” at HIVEX 2014 from the Hamilton Hive
I was thrilled to be invited to speak on personal and professional branding, and developing an effective social media presence. Woohoo! Another chance to talk about LinkedIn, and to interact with Hamilton’s young “movers & shakers.” Can’t wait! Check out the full lineup and register at

Saturday November 8, 9-4:30 – “How to Seize Opportunities for Personal & Professional Growth” Leadership Summit for Women from the YWCA Hamilton, McMaster University & the MSU
This is one of my most exciting fall initiatives. In speaking with other professional women, across fields and disciplines, I have found that we all struggle with similar areas: self-assertion, firm and clear communication, and negotiating for our own goals. I absolutely cannot wait for this interactive, hands-on workshop to share tools and strategies with the women of Hamilton. Check out the full lineup and register at


Celebrate Your Accomplishments

Celebrate Your AccomplishmentsHalfway through Ella's puppy classes, I've been learning a lot about the importance of positive reinforcement. Humans really aren't all that different, but we don't give ourselves enough credit. In my last post, I talked about the importance of finding meaning in your work. This week, in honour of Labour Day, the topic is celebrating your own accomplishments. It's something that we don't do often enough, and that can have significant and lasting benefits for your career. You can read the full post on LinkedIn.


Happy Labour Day, everyone!


Meaning vs Money

 A few days ago Ella & I started puppy kindergarten. Up to this point, I thought we’d worked out most of the kinks in our relationship, and that any problems were just the result of her beloved Shih Tzu stubbornness. 10 minutes later, I was starting to figure out that I was seriously mistaken. Sure, she’d come if you called her with a treat in your hand. Heck, she’d probably mow the lawn, wash your dishes and cook you dinner for the right bribe, but without it? Forget about it!

What I was just starting to realize was that I needed to understand what mattered to her, not to me. Yes, food was awesome (think of it as the equivalent of cash bonuses), but she was just as happy if I played with her (extra vacation, anyone?), praised her (awards & honours), or just simply acknowledged that she got it right. 

Grace Under Pressure


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Let’s face it – sometimes you have to deal with difficult situations at work, that are all about you. Nobody likes to be the bearer of bad news (ok, most times we don’t like it, but every once in a while it is delicious). But I’m not talking about getting to say “I told you so,” no matter how professionally. The subject of today’s blog is how to leave your job with grace and your dignity intact, regardless of how it happens. Whether you are resigning, being laid off, or fired, people will remember how you handle the situation. Here are some tips for demonstrating grace under pressure:


Are You Planning to Fail?

 Failure Tomasz StasiukPhoto Credit Tomasz Stasiuk

We all know the old adage that says that failing to plan is planning to fail, but that’s a completely different topic. What I’m talking about here is developing a plan for dealing with failure before it happens. Most times, we plan things out while wearing our rose coloured glasses and sound like Voltaire’s Dr. Pangloss, saying things like “best case scenario,” which isn’t really a step up from saying “in the best of all possible worlds” when you have your eyes closed to reality. Organizations that work on a project basis often employ a fantastic strategy called a premortem, that encourages staff to envision every possible nasty thing that could go wrong, and then come up with processes for dealing with those dystopian crises should they arise.

Whether you are searching for a new role, looking to advance your career, or even if you are happy with your current situation, you’ll want to have a failure plan in place for yourself.

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