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Confession: I am a procrastinator. I like writing, whether it’s research, curriculum, or my blog, and I have lots of ideas that run through my brain at all times of the day or night. But when it comes time to type it up I can find a million other things I’d rather do. Email? Yes! Vitally important. Twitter? LinkedIn? Yes! Can’t ignore social media. Research? Yes!!! And before I know it my morning is gone. Now I only have half a day to get a full day’s work completed.

I’d like to blame social media for my procrastination problem, but I’ve always been this way.  If you’re a procrastinator too, I have a few lovely resources to help you reform your time wasting ways:

How to Work the Room Like a Pro

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In my last post, I revealed my deep-seated fear of networking in person. I’m also afraid of sharks and Alex Trebek, but I’ve bodysurfed in the ocean and taken the qualifying test for Jeopardy, so overcoming networking jitters is definitely doable.

If you’re like me, and you don’t like meeting new people at networking functions, consider trying some of these techniques at your next event:

Career Advice: Get Outside Your Comfort Zone


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Eleanor Roosevelt advised all of us to do one thing every day that scares us. As a naturally risk-averse person, daily thrill seeking isn’t necessarily in my cards, but the theory does have some merit for planning a solid career. Whether you’re searching for a new job or looking to spice up the one you already have, here are 5 ideas to get you outside your comfort zone:

1. Say YES: In Enchantment, Guy Kawasaki encourages everyone to become a yes person. Don’t hesitate, don’t weigh the pros and cons, don’t think about how much extra work you’re adding, just say yes. Getting involved in new projects, offering expertise, and putting yourself forward will make you more visible and help you grow your reputation. This is extremely important if you are looking to advance your career, and just as important if you want to maintain the status quo. With companies downsizing and restructuring, you can no longer afford to sail under the radar because when it comes time to eliminate roles, who are they more likely to cut: the highly visible integral team member they can’t live without or Whatshisname?

Passions or Paycheck?

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Of all the career advice I’ve encountered over the years, “do what you love and the money will follow” makes me sigh the most. I agree that you should let your interests guide you toward professions and jobs, but I will never promise anyone that the money will follow. Depending on your interests, you may absolutely love a profession that has a statistically low pay scale, like teachers. They may be passionately invested in their craft, but most of them won’t be gracing the cover of Fortune anytime soon.

So if you’re supposed to be engaged with your profession, but you’re not supposed to blindly “follow your passions” then how exactly does this work?

Find the answer, and strategies for combining passion and career development in my guest blog post at Integrative Academic Solutions





Building Bridges: How to Be a Better Networker

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Lots of people tell me they don’t like networking. They say it feels fake and disingenuous. If it does, you’re doing it wrong. Networking is nothing more or less than building relationships. A good networker is a bridge builder, someone who makes connections for others without expecting anything in return.

This week I met with two clients for appointments, and I had coincidentally connected them for an informational interview. The interview seeker was energized and excited about the experience, and the mentor was happy and grateful that I had given them an opportunity to “pay back” the help I had given them. As Guy Kawasaki writes in Enchantment, when you help someone out, give them the opportunity to repay the favour. It’s a win-win for everyone involved.

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