Reverse Engineer Your Job Search


Scrabble Career FlazingoDotComIn a good job search, you should be pursuing leads, networking, doing your research, and actively engaging with the process. The keyword in that last sentence was actively. In a great job search, you’ll also be an attractive passive candidate. What’s the difference? In an active search, you’re doing all the legwork to make things happen; as a passive candidate, you make yourself attractive to recruiters and employers hoping that they will seek you out and make an offer. Passive candidates are often already employed or engaged in something, so this is a fantastic strategy if you aren’t necessarily looking to leave your current role in the next five minutes. Combine the principles of active and passive searching, and you’ll be amazed at the results.

Want to know more? I shared tips and strategies for this session in my blog post for the Beyond the Professoriate conference. You can read it here.

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