5 Tips for Continuing Your Education


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Starbucks recently announced a tuition subsidy program to help employees complete their undergraduate degree. Fantastic news for those just starting out, but what if you already have a degree and you're looking to advance your career, or move into a different field? The mistake that many people make is in believing that they have to choose between their job and continuing their education or skill development. If you find yourself in that position, here are five things to consider before making your decision:

Want To Be More Productive? Take A Vacation


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It might seem counter-intuitive, but studies have shown that if you want to be more productive, you should take some time off work. Ahhh if only it were that easy! Many employers offer paid time off (PTO) as part of the benefits package, but set roadblocks to actually accessing that time. Or perhaps you work in an industry where you wear your overtime hours like a badge of pride. Whatever the case may be, you’ll need to recharge your batteries if you want to avoid burnout.

Do You Have an Exit Strategy?


EllaIn her first two weeks at home, Ella got her entire head stuck in the baby gate 3 times. Once was frightening, twice was hard to believe, but after the third time, I realized that she doesn’t have any sense of consequences. She just acts without any kind of planning. In short, she doesn’t have an exit strategy.

Most of us resemble Ella more than we care to admit, especially those of us who have PhDs. We don’t tend to plan what we will do until we are downsized, can’t stand the idea of going to work in the morning, or (perish the thought) graduate with our degree in one hand and nothing in the other. Whether you are looking to leave a current position, or are planning to leave your career track, you can begin to develop your exit strategy long before it’s time to say your goodbyes.

Are You a Job Snob?

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About 7 years ago I made a potentially big career mistake. I saw a posting for a newly created management role in the department where I work at McMaster, but I didn't apply for it. The job description focused on the administrative components of the role rather than the professional/managerial aspects. Instead of asking someone for a fuller description, I passed on applying. I couldn’t reconcile having a PhD and spending my day answering telephones, taking messages and filing. Yes, the job description was poorly written, but I didn’t bother to investigate further so the bulk of that mistake falls on me. I don't regret not throwing my hat in the ring, but I've learned since then to ignore my ego and to understand job descriptions better.

Are you missing out on potential opportunities because you think the role is beneath you or your abilities? Read on for some surprising facts and strategies to help you curb your inner job snob.

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