Severance Packages

 Downsizing is never an easy decision for the employer or the employee. Customized career support can help ease the transition.

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If you include outplacement support as part of your current severance packages, or would like to add this service, CM Coaching Services can help. Assistance with resumes, cover letters, LinkedIn profiles and job search strategies is tailored to each client. For a free customized quote for severance packages for your employees, email


If your severance package includes career support for your transition, let’s talk about your needs and goals for your next role. Together, we will build a customized coaching package that will address your concerns and help you prepare for your next steps. To set up your free, 20-minute consultation, email me at, and let’s talk.



Who are we?

Catherine Maybrey Coaching Services provides comprehensive career coaching packages to help clients move forward in their transition through action. As the principal and owner, Cate believes in “telling it like it is” and helping her clients to reach their goals through a combination of education, information, and collaboration. She also works with employers to provide custom training and organizational effectiveness solutions, believing that people should work smarter, not harder.

Our Services

For individuals seeking assistance with their careers, we offer support for everything from resumes and cover letters through growth and advancement, specializing in clients with graduate degrees and mid-level careers across all fields. We also offer client group coaching programs and custom designed solutions for organizations.

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